ECC YACHT CHARTER organize, since more than twenty years, a sailing boat flotilla that sails during a week around the Canary Islands always with a lead ship ( onboard technicians and professional skippers ) that makes sailing easy to crews that have not much experience as they are helped ,not only mooring at the marinas or bays, but everyday before set sail there is a meeting to study the weather report and best routes
Each year the route is changed so crews will be able to get to know the seven different islands
This event is highly recommended to those who have not much experience

On account of the weather or organizational needs, it can come to divergences.

Saturday, 20-03                 Arrival, shopping, Check-In

                                             20:00 h. Welcome Party at the Marina Santa Cruz ,

                                             You are invited from ECC YACHT

Sunday, 21.03                    9:00 Briefing with Skippers and Co-Skippers.

                                             Notes, tipps and weather forecast. Preparation for the first leg.

                                             11:00 h. Start from Tenerife to Antequera Beach ,8 nm.

                                             Time to get to know the crew and to get a feeling for the boats.

Monday, 22.03                  08:00 Briefing with Skippers and Co-Skippers

                                             08:30h Start to Puerto de Garachico, 40 nm.

Tuesday, 23.03                 8:00 h. Briefing with Skippers and Co-Skippers

                                            08:30h. Start to Santa Cruz de la Palma , 57nm

Wednesday , 24.03          La Palma , free time. You are welcome to join us on a tryp around the island.

                                            19:00 h. Free “Lulu Paella”, you are invited from ECC YACHT

Thursday, 25.03              08:00 h. Briefing with Skippers and Co-Skippers

                                            08:30 h. Start to San Sebastian (La Gomera), 55 nm

Friday, 26.03                   10:00h, Start to Marina Del Sur (Tenerife), 25nm

                                            16:00h. Check-Out

                                            19:30h.Goodbye Party at Marina del Sur.

                                            Award show. You are invited from ECC YACHT

Saturday, 27.03               Departure

ROUTE 2021